All of the programs that are available to you as an affiliate are listed on this page. You can see the payout structures of each program, the name of the program, and a description of each available program.

Available Program Payouts

50% Signup 50% of Join recurring
0% of Join AND50% of Rebills
Webmaster Referrals (10%)
10% of Revenue
$30 Pay Per Signup (No Trials)
$30.00 per Active Member
You will be paid on Per Signup(No-Trials)
$1 a day trial $30 recurring
$0 per Join $30.00 per Rebill
Free 1 day $19.95 recurring
$0 per Join $19.95 per Rebill
cross sale
50% Recurring
$10.00 30 days $10.00 recurring
$10.00 Recurring
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